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    WANG Meetings

    The next board meeting for WANG will be on Tuesday December 3 (6:30pm) at the Austin Public Library, Howson Branch.

    LDC Rewrite/CodeNEXT Version 2

    Barbara McArthur assembled a powerful presentation about the proposed LDC rewrite and presented it at our Nov. 5th meeting  To view the presentation, please click here.

    Would you like to know what the LDC rewrite looks like?  Check out this page to see some renderings of what may be built next door to you.

    This blog has some good information about the LDC rewrite https://austinupzoned.blogspot.com/

    What can you do?

    Our District 10 Council Member, Alison Alter, is one of three Council Members who DO NOT SUPPORT the up-zoning in Transition Zones proposed by the Land Development Code Revision.

    And Council Member Alter’s Newsletter regarding the LDC Revision can be seen here: https://app.getresponse.com/view.html?x=a62b&m=cLHRg&u=STGys&y=k&dont_redirect=1



    New HEB Store:  HEB has prepared a website with architectural drawings and other details.  HEB would like input from neighbors regarding their plans for a new store where Randall’s is currently located.   Please send comments to Leslie Sweet, Director of Public Affairs: You can email the design team at .  You can access HEB’s traffic study for the site here: Lake Austin Blvd. Traffic Study 2019.

    Red Bud Trail Renovation Project:  Please view the plans.  You can review answers to the questions they were sent here.

    Walsh Boat Landing Improvements:  Improvements are scheduled to start mid-September.  More Information here.

    Exposition Construction:  Water line upgrades and maintenance have started on Exposition Blvd.  For more information visit the Exposition Water Improvements page.


    WANG’s Semi-annual Newsletter provides a recap and overview of our work this past few months to preserve and protect the neighborhood from deterioration.  Click to read the 2019 September semi-annual newsletter.  Our new electronic version of our January 2019 Newsletter is available now.

    Who We Are

    The West Austin Neighborhood Group (WANG) is a non-profit organization of residents with the shared goal of preserving West Austin and protecting it from deterioration. WANG is concerned with community development, ecology, safety, and any other matters that indirectly and directly affect the quality and character of the neighborhood and the City of Austin.

    Comments? Complaints? Input?

    Please send us an email with any comments, complaints, or concerns about neighborhood matters by clicking .


    Comments? Complaints? Input?

    Please send us an email with any comments, complaints, or concerns about neighborhood matters by clicking .