West Austin Neighborhood Group

Preserving and Protecting West Austin


    Neighborhood Plan Recommendations

    The Central West Austin Combined Neighborhood Plan and related rezoning requests will be considered by the Planning Commission on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 (beginning at 6 pm) as Items 4-6.

    The rezoning requests will include various “infill” and “density” recommendations made by the City Staff over neighborhood objections to promote affordable housing in West Austin.  These recommendations from City Staff include recommendations concerning the Elm Terrace Property at the Austin State School.  In addition, City Staff is recommending that “the zoning of lots currently under dispute be changed to allow for higher density residential” and that the “plan should allow for infill options, giving individual property owners the chance to build higher density on their lots, and thus, create potential for affordability and multi-family zoning.  [The plan] should also allow, where appropriate, for more opportunities for higher density single family or multi-family zoning throughout the neighborhood.”

    Neighborhood stakeholders are meeting this weekend and Monday to formulate a response to the contested recommendations.  A significant concern here is that the planning process failed to include planning for the Brackenridge Tract or Austin State School properties in any meaningful way, even though the likely development at these large tracts in the near future will be the perfect location for achieving infill, density and affordable housing in West Austin.

    Our recommendations will be circulated by email and through the WANG website (www.westaustinng.com)