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    Author Topic: Report regarding activiy this am of known sexual predator incident in Woodhaven neighborhood
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    Post Report regarding activiy this am of known sexual predator incident in Woodhaven neighborhood
    on: August 16, 2011, 21:44

    My name is Meta Carson and we are residents of the Woodhaven neighborhood. We had an incident happen this morning that I wanted to alert you to in hopes that you would share it with our neighbors. I'm adding a lot of detail here, because you might find it informative, so
    please forgive the long email.

    We live on Barn Swallow Drive, and we have a 15 year old daughter who went for a run at 7:30 this morning. The route she took was one we run with her frequently, and was to take her down Barn Swallow, east onto Pinnacle, across Walsh Tarleton to continue east all the way down Thousand Oaks Drive, and back again. She was then going to return the way she came, but add an extra mile by turning on Peregrine Falcon from Barn Swallow, to Pinnacle, and back to Barn Swallow and home.

    I asked my husband to drive past her on his way to work, just to check on her. When he drove down Thousand Oaks from Walsh Tarleton, he noticed a white Ford van parked on the side of the road that looked out of place. Our daughter ran passed the van, and then the van pulled away from the curb, and seemed to be following her. My husband pulled over, and talked to our daughter. When the van saw him pull over, it turned onto Intervail, a side street off of Thousand Oaks. My husband took note, and decided to drive ahead of our daughter and wait to see if the van re-appeared. He drove across Walsh Tarleton on Thousand Oaks, and turned around to face the intersection where our daughter would be, and waited a few seconds. As she approached, the van was again behind her. At this point, my husband called APD with the license plate number.

    Then he called me at home to tell me what was going on. I jumped in my car, and drove down Barn Swallow Drive, just as my daughter turned onto Peregrine Falcon. The van was behind her, and suddenly pulled over at the corner, where she had just turned, and stopped. I turned on Peregrine Falcon to follow her, and the van then pulled behind me. I took a side street (Purple Heron) up a hill to jump ahead of my daughter. I was at the top of the hill facing her when she crested, and the driver of the van saw me again. All of a sudden, he backed into a driveway, and turned around and sped out of the neighborhood. My husband was a the bottom of the hill, and observe him turn onto Pinnacle. There is just no explanation as to why he would be driving that route, in that period of time, if he wasn't stalking our daughter. She never realized that he had been behind her.

    I met an APD officer at our house moments later. Officer Guillermo Salinas with APD took our report, and assigned us a case number (11 227 0420). He had already entered the license plate number into his computer en route, and asked me for a description of the driver. He said I had described the owner of the white Ford van accurately, and that he was someone who had 4 prior arrests - 3 for suspicious behavior (beginning in 2008 I believe), and one in 2010 for exposing himself. The officer indicated that this guy was "escalating". He also mentioned that he was probably on some job site, and was just looking for targets on his way to work.

    Needless to say, I think it is imperative that we get the description of this guy out to the community, especially if there is a possibility of him working in our area. Here is his description:

      White male
      Mid 50's, with a distinctive, long, gray, sleek ponytail
      was wearing a t shirt
      He drives a white Ford passenger van, with no business logos on it, etc. And no ladder or tools on the van.

    Should you need additional information, please feel free to contact me. And of course, please pass this along to anyone you feel should be alerted. I appreciate your time and consideration.

    Posts: 13
    Post Re: Report regarding activiy this am of known sexual predator incident in Woodhaven neighborhood
    on: August 18, 2011, 11:10


    The Tobias’ dealt with this guy in 2008, and after. You wouldn’t believe the emails I’ve gotten from people across Austin. One of my former colleagues at Texas Monthly remembered this email chain, and sent it to me, and I reached out to Michelle. According to her, he moved from Tarrytown, to Balcones, to Highland part, and BACK to Tarrytown (after the Tobias’ and others posted fliers and literally would follow him out of the neighborhood).

    During our conversation Detective Romano mentioned perhaps the driver of the van was someone who was a little different and his movements were misunderstood. I countered that I also happened to be the mother of a special needs child, and I know awkward social behavior when I see it. This was criminal. He said I can’t tell you that you are wrong. (He’s a nice man.)

    Ben Florey is consulting some other folks, but I’m going to have to hire a PI. And he’s still in my neighborhood. But we have to be careful since he could sue, etc. if we get him fired from his job, as an example. Then we lose more rights than we have now. Ben is talking to folks. The case is still open but there isn’t anything that APD will do until he does something else.

    So I’m sure I’ll hear from Ben within the next few days. In the meantime, I’m alerting the public safety officers here in Eanes to update them, and to say that he will still be in the area.

    Then we need to change the stalking laws for minors.

    Thanks to you all for helping me get this word out – at least many of us are connected across neighborhoods, so perhaps something good will come from this after all.
    Meta-Margret Carson

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