West Austin Neighborhood Group

Preserving and Protecting West Austin


    WANG Board and Officers

    Board Members of the West Austin Neighborhood Group (WANG) include:

    Holly Reed (President)
    Cathy Kyle (Past-President / Secretary)
    George Edwards (Treasurer)
    Blake Tollett (Zoning)
    Mary Arnold
    Joyce Basciano
    Joe Bennett
    David Bolduc
    Sarah Hawthorn Cain
    Michael Cannatti
    Heidi Gibbons
    Bob Hamilton
    Craig Lill

    Board members can be contacted through the following email addresses:

         All Board Members

        Members of the Executive Committee which include:
    President (Holly Reed)
    Past President (Cathy Kyle)
    Secretary (Cathy Kyle)
    Treasurer (George Edwards)

    You can also reach contact members by their BOARD POSITIONS:


    We have also set up email addresses that are directed to those board members that are key leaders for certain TOPICS:

    (Lions Municipal)
    (Local Historic Districts)
    (Austin City Limits Fest)

    Individual Board Members can be contacted using their first names: