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    Different Scenarios Involving West Austin Neighborhood

    In the interest of informing the West Austin neighborhood, posted below are some different voting district maps being considered for possible implementation of new “single-member” districts for electing City Council members from 10 geographical single-member districts.  Stakeholders from around the city are proposing maps that could affect the West Austin neighborhoods, depending on how we are grouped with other neighborhood areas or even divided into separate districts.  Our neighborhood needs to participate in this process to protect our interests and geographic integrity so that we are included with other areas having a shared community of interest.

    Just to provide a sampling of different maps being proposed, please see below:

    On Sept. 28, 2013, the Austin Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (ICRC) issued a preliminary district map which includes West Austin in District 7, which extends from Lady Bird Lake at Muny Golf course and up a narrow strip along the east side of MoPac to the northeastern boundary with Pflugerville.  The preliminary district map is posted at http://www.austinredistricting.org/maps/interactive-preliminary-map.

    Another map proposal (posted at Revised District 7 Proposal (West Austin in Revised District 7 with more central-west focus)) provides a revised District 7 (green) which shows a more compact District 7 which connects the West Austin neighborhoods with the residential areas in northwest Austin out to 360 and 183, and without extending all the way up to the Pflugerville boundary.  The revised District 7 in this proposal includes some interior neighborhood areas which share many of our interests.

    Another map proposal (posted at 10-One2012Prec (West Austin in District 10)) includes part of West Austin (Tarrytown and Brykerwoods) in the northwest hills District 10 (yellow), but includes another part of West Austin (Pemberton Heights) in the central District 9 (purple).

    Another map proposal by the Northwest Austin Coalition (posted at Northwestern-District Proposal by Northwest Austin Coalition (West Austin divided between Districts 7 and 9)) proposes a Far Northwest District, showing that West Austin is divided between a central District 9 (pink) and a central District 7 (green).

    Finally, there is a map proposal from Janvier Bonafont (posted at Javier Bonafont Proposal for North MOPAC District 6 (West Austin in Revised District 7)) which shows a more compact District 7 which connects the West Austin neighborhoods with the residential areas in northwest Austin out to 360 and in the central area below 183.

    Additional maps are posted at http://www.austinredistricting.org/maps/maps-submitted-by-the-public/.  Please provide your input to us and to the ICRC using their contact page (http://www.austinredistricting.org/contact-us/) or by emailing Craig Tounget (), ICRC Executive Director.