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    Neighborhood Plan Contact Team Meeting Agenda for July 29, 2013 Regular Meeting

    July 28th, 2013
    by admin

    On Monday, July 29, at 8 pm at Howson Branch Library, the Central West Austin Neighborhood Plan Contact Team (NPCT) will conduct a Regular Meeting to address the following agenda items:

    1.         Request to File Out-Of-Cycle Plan Amendment for 2208 Lake Austin Boulevard:  The Planning Contact Team Executive Committee (PCT) will meet with Applicant on their request to allow a plan amendment application to be filed outside of the regular open period (February) for amendments to our neighborhood plan.  For an out-of-cycle application, the PCT meets with the applicant and other neighborhood stakeholders to discuss the request, and votes whether to allow the application to be filed outside of the February open period.  At this meeting, there doesn’t necessarily need to be discussion regarding the merits of the request or whether or not the PCT will support the request, but simply to allow it to be filed or not.  If the PCT votes to allow the application to be filed, the City makes an appointment with the Applicant to submit the application.

    Background – This out-of-cycle request relates to a FLUM amendment to support a rezoning request by Mark Vornberg (Dick Clark Architecture) for 2208 Lake Austin Blvd to allow for mixed use at the site.  The current FLUM plan calls for Neighborhood Commercial, and the current zoning is Local Office-Neighborhood Plan (LO-NP).  According to information received, the purpose of the zoning/FLUM change is to convert the current one story office building into a two-story building with a commercial use on the ground floor and a residential use above.  To do this, they would need to change their current zoning district from LO-NP to Local Office- Mixed Use-Neighborhood Plan (LO-MU-NP).  The FLUM would also need to be changed from Neighborhood Commercial to some type of Mixed Use category.  It is unclear if an impervious cover variance would also be requested.

    2.         Executive Committee Replacement Elections:  Replacement elections will be held to accommodate PHNA’s request that Diane Umstead and Betty Trent switch positions, so that Diane Umstead has the “one property owner” position and Betty Trent has the “PHNA board member/officer” position.  In addition, Pat Jobe has asked to step down from the Executive Committee, and I thank Pat for participating on the NPCT and throughout the neighborhood plan process.  In her place, Vivian Wilson has agreed to serve as one of the “WANG PA residential property owner” positions on the Executive Committee, so we will include Vivian in the replacement election part of the meeting..

    3.         Proposed Plan Amendment Ordinance:  Brief discussion of proposed plan amendment ordinance which would allow Planning Commission to initiate plan amendments.  Presentation of background information by Mary Ingle.  Consider submitting input to Council on proposed amendment.  Additional background information is included in the attached Planning Commission Backup document.

    4.         Parks Budget Input:  (Time permitting) In view of neighborhood plan parks projects, discuss possible input to Council in support of increasing parks budget to include an additional $4.75 million for the Austin Parks and Recreation (PARD) in the 2013-2014 City of Austin Budget.

    5.         Sidewalk Fund Update:  (Time permitting) Update on status of sidewalk fund projects and expenditures

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