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    Intruder Alert: Police Impersonator In Neighborhood

    December 30th, 2009
    by admin

    The following intruder alert has been circulating by email to our neighborhood:

    “A male in his mid-30’s rang the bell at the home of a dear friend.  The man was dressed as a police officer.  Against instructions, the wonderful babysitter opened the door since she thought it was a policeman.  When she did, he pushed his way in and then ran when he heard the back door and a voice from the back of the house.

    He had no car parked in front, had dark hair slicked back, and was close to six feet tall.

    The police department asked that she spead the word and warn the neighborhood not to ever open the door to strangers, to report any suspicious activity or person immediately, and call them to confirm that a police offier  should be in the neighborhood.  Call before opening the door.  She said all offices carry their badges with badge numbers and do not mind if you call to confirm.  Certainly, no officer should come in unless someone asks them to.

    This is a frightening situation which all of our neighbors need to know about to protect themselves and their kids.  We all need to call in about anything at all that doesn’t seem just right.”

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